About Our Company

Batams.com logo was designed with a big S wedged in. It does have a great meaning that is Batams.com will always take your interest of business as significant. It gives you more extra feature with aim pushing your business to be popular in our local market or even inter local and international market. Your success in trading of your business throughout our marketing tools, Batams.com is our priority.

Batams.com is another great product that was introduced by Xenomo.com to Batam society at 2008. Batams.com becomes another great choice for all degree of commerce/trade by having a new, modern, and powerful marketing tools using website profile. But company still confuse between cost spending to build a website and what impact of a website profile can give to their business. Nowadays, you don't have to confuse about the cost and impact of build a website profile for your business because you have Batams.com.

The growing of technology in Batam and worldwide makes us feels easier and comfort in accessing the information throughout internet. Due to the issue, each company wants to have their own website. The presence of a website profile makes our business' partner and customer/client can reach us easier than before. They can know what kind of products/services we provide, brand, size, quantity, our location, our contact number, etc.

Batams.com provides you website profile with economic cost, attractive layout (fair enough), rapid development & delivery, professional delivery, internet marketing solution, etc. Depend your business on our marketing tools Batams.com, you will find it more useful than other marketing tools, more reasonable, and more valuable.

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