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Graha Sulaiman, Batam, Kepri, Indonesia, 29439


IntroductionPelayanan kami: 1. Membantu dalam perhitungan pajak dan pelaporan pajak 2. Penyusunan Laporan Keuangan (Full Set Accounts + Accounting Software 3. Audit Internal dan Eksternal (Akuntan Publik) 4. Konsultasi Manajemen Kami menyebutnya INCISIVE SERVICES

Graha Sulaiman, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia, 29432

IntroductionAbout Managing a company with less than 10 employees is far different with a company that less than 100 employees. The density of problems and complexity of tasks usually will increase in line with the organization size. In such situation, we should use the principle of ‘devide at impera’ (Divide a ...

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