What is Batams.com?

Batams 5000 ListingsBatams.com is largest local online business directory at Batam that consist over that thousand of company listings. Besides that, Batams.com provides information concerning Batam Island, and gives you facility to get information about merchant, vendor, and available business listing in Batam Island.

The quick and easy way to find the information of products or services business from local Batam Island businesses. Feel free to search business directory, locate Batam business, research business and find business intelligence in Batam.

More than a simple directory, Batams.com, the directory of Batam companies is a professional portal that encourages business-to-business exchanges. Batams is the business directory leader!

We offer the most comprehensive guide to Batam Island with a complete introduction of history, getting to this island, why you should visit on the island and more. Here you will find things you haven’t even thought of!

Batams.com is a complete solution that offers:

  • A Great Business Opportunity. Our first feature is the Business Directory, which allows Businesses in return to manage their own listings 24/7.
  • An Online Marketplace. We are available for reservation online. So your company can register here for give a booking service for your customer.
  • Just About Anything! Batams.com offers you information including business listing, reservation online, also introduce about unique Batam Island.

Why Batams.com?

  • Fast, reliable and efficient.
  • Highest professional.
  • Quality standards.
  • Large number of unique clients.
  • Satisfaction of every clients.
  • Reach a broader audience with your products and services.


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