Why choose Batams.com?


Why should I register my business detail on your business listing? And what can I get if I have register?


The Internet is a global network of computers holding and transferring vast quantities of information that generally we can all access. It is the fastest-growing medium in the world and is beginning to revolutionize the way we live and do business.

Whatever your business has to offer, batams.com can provide a shop window to make you more accessible to both your existing and prospective customers on a local, regional, national and international basis.

Registering with batams.com is quick, easy and best of all FREE! Once you have register, you will have access to several advanced features:
• Links to your own web site, business address telephone & facsimile numbers, email address and a description of your business or service.
• Reach your target audience.


Batams.com Why Choose

Batams.com Why Choose

Batams.com Why Choose

Completely Free

For business listing owner, it is completely FREE to use this feature to register their listings. And for those internet users to use this feature is also completely FREE.

Easy to Search

It is very easy and fast to let user to search and select from the directory of listing according to the category of business.

Easy to Update

For business listing owner, you can update your information like latest product, news or others, whenever you want, wherever you want.


Batams.com Why Choose

Batams.com Why Choose

Company Profile

You can show your company profile, product information, or any particular information that let user keep updated.

Social Networking

Integrated to facebook which would use the strong network feature to promote your business online.

Support Mobile

It is completely supported for the display at IPhone, Blackberry, Android Phone, Nokia, or other kinds of mobile.

Batams.com Why Choose

Batams.com Why Choose

Batams.com Why Choose

5000 Listings

There are already 5000 listings registered at here which would be the first choice for the internet user community and the number is increasing.

Visitor Counter

The visitor counter is keep increasing which would turn Batams.com is the best place to put your advertisement.

Professional Service

There are also some professional service to help you to arrange the content and consultation to increase the effective of promoting your business.


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