How to search business listing?

Using Search Bar

You can use all search bars that are available at website, just simply enter the name of the business you are searching for (e.g. "Golden Prawn" or "Holiday Inn") or a business category (e.g. "hotels" or "restaurant") to find all businesses within a certain category.

When searching, start by using as few search terms as possible. For example, instead of "Golden Prawn PT.", just enter "Golden Prawn". If your search returns too many results, narrow down your search by providing a ZIP code, city name or more specific business name or category. You can also sort results by distance or name.

If no results are found, the information simply may be unavailable or has been removed from Batams.com.
Step to use our search bar:

1. Using Search Bar at HOME

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2. Using Search Bar at the top of page

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Using Directory Page

Batams Help Directory

Just easily click on "Directory" at the top of the page and you could go to any business category that you intend to explore the list of the business listing.

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